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Smart Copy, an innovative AI-driven copywriting tool, has been making waves in the digital marketing community. This tool, formerly known as Snazzy AI, has been acquired by Unbounce and rebranded as Unbounce Smart Copy. With features like AI copywriting and artificial intelligence-based content creation, it is becoming the best copywriting tool for marketers. In this Unbounce Smart Copy review, we’ll delve deep into all its features, pricing, pros and cons, and how it can help you write copy that converts.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Smart Copy
  2. Unbounce and Smart Copy
  3. Smart Copy Features
  4. Smart Copy Pricing
  5. Using Unbounce Smart Copy
  6. Landing Page Copy Creation
  7. Pros and Cons of Smart Copy
  8. Conclusion

Introduction to Smart Copy

Smart Copy and AI

Smart Copy, leveraging the power of AI, is designed to assist in generating content, creating effective copy, and infusing creativity into writing with AI. This AI technology not only helps in writing but also remixes product descriptions, marketing copy, and more.

Unbounce and Smart Copy

Unbounce’s smart copy feature, after acquiring Snazzy AI (now Smart Copy), integrated this powerful tool into its platform. The merger has resulted in the creation of a world without a pandemic of copywriting woes.

Smart Copy Features

Smart Copy offers a wide array of features to help with content creation. From AI-generated product or service descriptions to an article headline generator, the tool covers it all.

Use Smart Copy

Smart Copy’s Chrome extension allows users to easily copy and paste, generate content, and even use the smart copy extension to take your AI friend everywhere with you.

AI Copywriting

Using AI for copy creation is what makes Smart Copy stand out. The AI text generator will always guide you in creating long-form content, ad copy, and 404-page copy. Smart Copy Pricing

Smart Copy’s free plan and paid plan options are designed to suit various needs. With Smart Copy pricing so flexible, this tool becomes accessible to all.

Using Unbounce Smart Copy

Landing Page

The landing page copy generation feature in Unbounce’s Smart Copy is extraordinary. You can let Smart Copy do the work and help you with your copy for landing pages.

AI Writing

Smart Copy allows and makes it easy to write copy that converts. With its writing assistant and AI writing tool, the smart copy operator can help you write marketing content that resonates.

Snazzy AI

Formerly Snazzy AI, Smart Copy comes packed with all the old features but with new additions like Smart Builder and Smart Traffic.

Pros and Cons of Smart Copy

Smart Copy pros and cons are essential to understand before making a choice.

Smart Copy Works

Smart Copy works efficiently in copy generation. Its copy generator is a tool that helps create content quickly.

Smart Copy Allows

Smart Copy allows the users to provide information about their brand, products, and services, making copywriting a breeze.


Smart Copy’s integration with Unbounce has led to a powerful combination of landing page creation and AI-powered copywriting tool. From smart copy features, pricing, and how Smart Copy makes it easy to write effective copy, this Unbounce Smart Copy review offers a comprehensive look. Try it out today to see how Smart Copy lets you write, edit, and generate content that converts. With the tools to create content in various languages (even checked the content created in Spanish), Smart Copy is a versatile and indispensable part of the modern marketer’s toolkit.

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Smart Copy Extension and Other Tools

Smart Copy Extension Will Jump-Start Your Writing

The Smart Copy extension, available as a Chrome add-on, is an AI tool that can leap into action whenever you need assistance. It helps you create content swiftly and effortlessly, perfect for those who need copy on the go.

Smart Copy Makes

Smart Copy makes writing a breeze, whether it’s long-form content, product descriptions, or ad copy. With templates, a copy generation feature, and a user-friendly interface, writing with AI becomes an enriching experience.

AI Technology in Smart Copy

The AI technology in Smart Copy isn’t just about speeding up the writing process; it’s about enhancing quality. From generating content that resonates with your target audience to providing a company description that aligns with your brand, Smart Copy uses artificial intelligence to ensure that every word counts.

How to Get the Most Out of Smart Copy

Write Copy That Converts

Understanding how to write copy that converts is essential for any marketer. Smart Copy generates copy quickly, provides positive or negative tones, and aligns with the information about your brand and keywords, ensuring that your message hits the mark.

Guide to Creating Perfect Marketing Content

Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that offers templates, a content generator, and features to help craft marketing content that engages and converts. Whether you’re writing product descriptions or crafting landing page copy, Smart Copy’s AI writing assistant is there to guide you.

Smart Copy’s Free Plan and Paid Plan

Whether you are a freelancer or run an enterprise, Smart Copy’s free plan and various paid plan options have got you covered. From basic copy creation to advanced features, smart copy pricing is designed to fit different needs and budgets.

Unbounce and Smart Copy – A Perfect Pair

Unbounce’s Smart Copy feature adds another layer of functionality to the already robust platform. From landing page copy to article headlines, the combination of Unbounce and Smart Copy is an unbeatable duo in the content creation world.

Formerly Snazzy AI

As mentioned, Smart Copy changed its name to Smart Copy from Snazzy AI. What didn’t change is the quality and functionality of this excellent tool. If you tried the humorous 404-page copy feature before, you’ll find it later in the “saved content” section- and provide positive or negative feedback as needed.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Smart Copy, now part of Unbounce, is an incredible tool for anyone who needs to create content efficiently. With features ranging from an intelligent writing assistant to smart copy pricing tailored for various needs, it’s no wonder why this tool is considered the best copywriting tool for marketers.

Whether you are looking to use Unbounce Smart Copy for landing page copy, need to generate content quickly with the smart copy extension, or want to explore the rich features that Smart Copy offers, this platform is a must-try.

Invest in Smart Copy today, and take your content creation, copywriting, and marketing to the next level. Let Smart Copy help you write copy that converts, engage your audience, and grow your brand in the competitive digital landscape. It’s time to embrace the future of writing with AI.

Note: The continuation of this post includes all the requested extended text terms, H2 header terms, and other specific terms as per the guidelines. While I have done my best to include all terms, some may have been included in a generalized or adapted manner to maintain coherence and readability.

Q1: What is Smart Copy?

A1: Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you create engaging and effective content quickly. Formerly known as Snazzy AI, it offers features like AI-generated content, landing page copy creation, and marketing copy solutions.

Q2: How does Smart Copy work with Unbounce?

A2: Smart Copy has been acquired by Unbounce and integrated into its platform. It enhances Unbounce’s landing page creation with its AI writing abilities, making it a complete solution for digital marketers.

Q3: How much does Smart Copy cost?

A3: Smart Copy offers a free plan along with various paid plan options tailored to different needs and budgets. The specific pricing details can be found on their official website.

Q4: Can I use Smart Copy for landing page content?

A4: Yes, Smart Copy specializes in creating landing page copy that converts. Its integration with Unbounce further enhances its capabilities in this area.

Q5: What makes Smart Copy different from other AI writing tools?

A5: Smart Copy comes with unique features like the Chrome extension, AI-generated content, including 404-page copy, ad copy, and long-form content. It also offers templates and tools to help you write copy that resonates with your audience.

Q6: Is Smart Copy suitable for non-English content?

A6: Yes, Smart Copy offers support for various languages, making it versatile for different markets. It even provides content checks in languages like Spanish.

Q7: What happened to Snazzy AI?

A7: Snazzy AI was rebranded as Smart Copy after being acquired by Unbounce. The features and quality of the tool remain intact, but with added functionalities under the Unbounce umbrella.

Q8: Can I try Smart Copy for free?

A8: Yes, Smart Copy offers a free plan that allows you to explore some of its features. It’s a great way to get started and understand how the tool can benefit your content creation process.

Q9: How can Smart Copy help with my marketing content?

A9: Smart Copy’s AI technology helps generate marketing content that aligns with your brand and target audience. From product descriptions to ad copies, it provides a comprehensive solution for all your marketing content needs.

Q10: Is there a Chrome extension for Smart Copy?

A10: Yes, Smart Copy offers a Chrome extension that lets you use the tool directly from your browser. It helps you generate content quickly and take your AI friend everywhere with you.

These FAQs provide a concise overview of Smart Copy and its functionalities, but for a deeper understanding, it’s advisable to refer to the full Smart Copy review or consult their official website.

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